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If you lose it completely, something like this: a website which we made earlier, but not the site you were expecting.

Once a domain is lost, the domain can be acquired by a scammer. A new site can be freshly baked (or pressed) in no time. We made this one from a free DIVI template and associated it with a random expired domain that we found on the internet.

Our advice? Even if you don’t intend using your domain going forward, it is a good idea to protect your digital assets after your project is complete. The internet is not a safe place for everyone and unsuspecting users could get scammed.

Your domain is the foundation of your business. It is your brand, your front door and the basis of your company’s communications. How do you keep from letting your domain expire? Call your registrar, renew it to the max, which is 10 years, and then leave another 10-year’s worth of renewals as a credit in the account. It sounds like overkill, but for what the domain means to your business, it is the cheapest insurance policy you will ever own. 

Forbes Business Council